Sales Force Automation

GoodMills is the largest flour producer in Europe. GoodMills needed an automation and standardization of Sales process for better customer service.

‌To meet the need, Abilitics built an Android-based sales force automation application, used by the sales representatives on the field via their mobile tablets. The app includes functionality such as daily visits planning, route tracking and placing orders on the point of sale. The app is integrated with the ERP of GoodMills.

After the successful pilot launch, the solution was adopted by 2 countries of the group – Romania and Bulgaria.


BPM Strategy using NINTEX

Actavis / Watson is the third largest global generic pharmaceutical company. Actavis needed a strategic advise on how SharePoint and Nintex can be used to automate business process.

To do so, we designed a Nintex solution for automation of granting user access rights to SAP and build a POC for that. The POC included custom electronic forms based on InfoPath, integrated with Nintex including security and permissions management.

After the POC, Actavis internal development teams successfully implemented the SAP management solution.


Claims Processing Solution on Office 365

Sensata, global industrial technology company with $1,913.9 million net revenue in 2012.

‌Sensata entrusted Abilitics to automate their claims internal process. The process allowed the user to register claims issued by clients of Sensata and uses a workflow process to govern their approval.‌

‌The solution is build on top of the Office 365 platform and is used in offices all across Europe.

Port of Auckland

Digital Assets Management Solution

‌ To do so, we build a SharePoint solution for:
  • Managing company’s digital assets such as images, videos and slides in a centralized portal
  • Combine various digital elements to produce stunning marketing presentations
  • Fast search in the created presentations‌
We also secured the digital assets with the Microsoft Rights Management software – for applying encryption over the content and enforcing digital rights and content expiration.

BNP Paribas PF

6 Financial Process Automation Solutions

BNP Paribas PF is a leading financial organization which needed a solutions for process automation for the departments Finance, HR and Administration.
The project we implemented started with an audit and business analysis of the process landscape at the customer. Afterwards, we built solutions for:
  • Business Trips
  • Invoice Management
  • Costs Approval and Control
  • Fleet Management
Each process included an electronic form for capturing the request, attachment of scanned documents, and approvals.

Contour Global

Office 365 solutions including HR onboarding and intranet portal

The developed Office 365 portal consist of several custom developed Web Parts including a customized Yammer integration.

‌We have also created multiple workflow processes, including a HR onboarding portal with 4 steps approval processes to reduce e-mail communication and to reduce mistakes. The new solution also enables the HR department to closely control the process of hiring a new employee.

Coca Cola HBC

Better Document Management on Office 365

However, the SharePoint platform by design had pitfalls and limitations in its out-of-the box approval workflow. Thus Abilitics build a Azure-powered solution integrated with Office 365 to provide better functionality in areas of usability, auditing and policy compliance.

‌Over the course of 2 years, more than 20 implementations of the solution has been launched for departments across 10 countries.


Expense Reporting Solution

Schlumberger’s Information Services (SIS) department needed a solution that will enable the IT consultants to record expenses for clients and projects. The collected information is to be used by the Department of Accounting for reimbursement of clients’ expenses.

Abilitics build a SharePoint solution with an Microsoft InfoPath electronic form with simple data entry. The solution included a custom Abilitics tool, that enables synchronization of forms library to a database for supporting reporting needs.

Reports and charts have been build by using Excel Pivot tables.


Procure to pay solution

Pfizer is a global leader in pharmaceuticals who needed a solution to control the costs connected with marketing of their products.

‌To accomplish this, we built a solution on top of Microsoft SharePoint for automation of the Procure to Pay process.

‌The solution was audited by the Pfizer security team to ensure compliance with the code quality & security policies. The app was deployed to the global Pfizer datacenter in USA.



ProCredit is a leading Bulgarian bank. Abilitics and ProCredit started working in 2011 and for the last 6 years we have created multiple SharePoint solutions including:
  • Intranet Portal branded with the corporate identity
  • Financial Controlling Solution
  • Loan origination and credit management
  • Internal procedures approval portal
  • KIOSK app
  • Document management system
Our story together has been shared by the ProCredit team here (article in Bulgarian only)‌