10 mobile apps for better flight operations

Primera Air is an Icelandic leisure Airline with a fleet of 9 aircrafts. ‌We worked together for 6 years for building mobile apps including:
  • Mobile apps for pilots and crew efficiency
  • Paperless cockpit apps
  • Communication mobile apps
  • App for passenger satisfaction surveys capture
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Sales Force Automation

GoodMills is the largest flour producer in Europe. GoodMills needed an automation and standardization of Sales process for better customer service.

‌To meet the need, Abilitics built an Android-based sales force automation application, used by the sales representatives on the field via their mobile tablets. The app includes functionality such as daily visits planning, route tracking and placing orders on the point of sale. The app is integrated with the ERP of GoodMills.

After the successful pilot launch, the solution was adopted by 2 countries of the group – Romania and Bulgaria.



The world famous TV show wanted to further engage its fans by connecting with them not only on TV, but to be present on their mobile devices. To do so, we build iOS and Android apps with:
  • News, galleries and events with SMS vote
  • Video streaming
  • Facebook integration for comment, like and share the content
The results: improved engagement of the X Factor fans and social features (shares, likes, comments); new customers and better rating, real-time customer behavior analytics and a new marketing channel.


Public web 2.0 portal development

Abilitics development team was engaged to build a Web 2.0 portal for auction of corporate assets.

‌The portal was used for 2 months during the auction process. As the load to the platform was high, a comprehensive performance testing was done to ensure it withstands over 1000 simultaneous user requests.



Workfaces is our own app for providing an enterprise organizational chart and easy access to employee contacts and profiles. The app has functionality for:
  • Rich employee profiles with bios, position, interests, hobbies
  • Profile search
  • Interactive Organizational Chart
  • Birthdays push notifications
The app includes enterprise connectors for platforms storing contacts such as Office 365, Yammer and Microsoft SharePoint on-premises. It also supports CardDAV for integration with any contacts provider. The app was implemented in Primera Air Iceland and Smartlynx Latvia.



Bocconi is one of the top universities in Italy, ranked 5th among the European Business Schools for its MBA program with over 14000 Students. Boconni needed an app to engage its network of over 4000 alumni members. Our solution was a Native iOS and Android mobile app with:
  • News, Articles, Events, Links and Job Offers
  • Push notifications
  • Event registration using barcode scanning and QR Codes
The app uses a backend integrated with the public site of Boconni.



Esprinet is one of the largest Italy and Spain electronics retailers. ‌Esprinet wanted to improve efficiency of dealers and field sales and differentiate from the competition. Our work was the actual implementation of the apps with functionality for
  • Listing of over 1 000 000 articles
  • Search engine with various filters
  • Mobile cart with pricing
The app was build for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


The largest global student organization

ISIC is the largest global student organization. ISIC needed to go mobile and become modern service provider. To do so, they wanted to virtualize the cards they provide to students.

‌To meet the need, Abilitics implemented native virtual card mobile app for Android and iOS, integrated with the ISIC databases. The app allows the students to register for a card and to use that card to receive discounts by showing the digital card.

‌The result for ISIC – saved costs from plastic cards of thousands of users annually. And for the students – one less card in their wallets and ease of use.